Best paid Ad management plugin for WordPress

Best paid ads management plugin for WordPress Adsense
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When you as a blogger/website owner are completely dependent on advertisement as your main source of revenue.You probably always wish to increase your ad revenue without affecting user experience on your site.

There are a few best advertisement management plugins for WordPress that makes Your work simple and automated.
Most of the best paid ad management plugins comes with preset logics that helps you boost your ad revenue and manage all your ads from a single dashboard.

Lets review them all one by one,I get some affilaite revenue when you purchase any plugin with my link without affecting your plugins price.


Do I need a Ad management plugin?

In today’s technical world one has to be smarter not a hard worker to achieve success in his/her life.Wordpress plugins must be used to make your work easy if you are a WordPress blogger.So purchasing a Advanced Ad management system a single time and automating your work can make more money than you used to make before.However investing in good things always return you a huge protit.

Free vs paid Ad management plugin

There are a lot of free WordPress plugin available so why do I go for the Paid one? This question’s answer is simple.Free plugins comes with some restrictions that absolutely no one likes.As most of the free ad management plugins have their pro,premium or paid version .

1. Adning All in one Ad manager plugin

Adning WordPress all in one advertisement plugin bloggersmind
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Features of Adning

  • Unlimited ads management
  • Html 5 ads support
  • Sell ads spot
  • Google Adsense support
  • Support All ads format (display,pop.background,corner peel and many more)
  • 100% responsive on all devices.
  • Ad Groups rotation
  • Users can manage their own ads
  • cpc / cpm ad 

Adning is the #1 Ads management plugin on codecanyon and the best selling ad manger plugin .This plugin gives you full freedom to manage your ads and display them wherever you want whether it be in sidebar,inline ads,in between x paragraph,and a lot of opportunities for the site owners to increase their ad income potential.


Adning has a really great customers feedback and comments.Moreover its affordable than its competitors within a plenty of options included.

adning All in one ad MANAGEMENT plugin
Adning ad manaGement plugin
Its a one stop solution for all your advertisement management needs whether it may be Adsense or selling the ad space to the companies or users.It’s a all in one solution .It has a great integration with Google Adsense.It offers you with a lot of Ads options and formats .A complete system for buying your advertisement space on your website.


Best paid ads management plugin for Wordpress Adsense
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