How to change Your WordPress dashboard style

How to change my WordPress dashboard style and colour
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Most of the bloggers use WordPress to create and manage their websites and blogs , Almost all of the bloggers spends hours on the WordPress , Imagine you are living in a rented apartment as you are spending most of the time in house you would probably decorate it in a beautiful way.
In the same way WordPress is just like a home for the true passionate bloggers and they would mostly likely want to decorate it and add more functionality to their dashboard .

Change WordPress Dashboard style in 3 steps

  • WordPress dashboard > users > profile
  • change the style from the page
  • save aside Done ! Hurray
How to change WordPress dashboard style
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We are going to change the colour of the WordPress dashboard in few simple steps .

First of all Login to your WordPress dashboard and then 

  1. Go to users options 
  2. tap on Profile 

As shown in the above image follow this 2 simple steps and then 

How to change WordPress admin dashboard scheme
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Choose the colour schemes that you would like to apply to your WordPress dashboard from the available sets of colours.

The available schemes that you can apply are:

  • Default
  • light 
  • modern
  • blue
  • Coffee
  • Ectoplasm
  • midnight
  • Ocean
  • sunrise

All the schemes are very beautiful and modern you could apply whichever scheme you like the most ,Try all of the above.

Save change for changing admin colour scheme
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After been satisfied by your chosen scheme you must save the following setting in order to make it available for future use on your dashboard .As we know that each and every setting and changes we do on WordPress must be saved.

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Just scroll till the end of the screen and tap on update profile as shown in the above image.

After doing the above steps your WordPress dashboard style is changed and looking beautiful moreover there are many plugins available on the internet to add more beauty to your WordPress dashboard and admin panel.

Do I really need Stylish Admin panel?

The answer is it depends on you ie the admin of the site,If you like to work on a beautiful dashboard or a default common layout and colours that’s upto up . Moreover the plugins used to beautify the WordPress dashboard and make your work easy may or may not add up more page load time so it’s worth giving a chance to beautifying plugins .

How to change my Wordpress dashboard style and colour
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