How to create a cashback site on WordPress

How to make a cashback site on WordPress using rehub theme and cashback tracker pro plugin
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Soo How do I make a cashback website on WordPress ? Is that the question in your mind then this post is really helpful for you.After reading this you will be able to successfully run an online cashback site on your own.It’s not complicated at all.Everything you need is just a WordPress site and some money to invest.

Why should I start a cashback site?

Imagine you regularly shop online on some store “abc” and a other person does the same the difference is the other person is shopping through a cashback site and saving some money and you are not, Yes everyone want to save some money? 
As the reason the cashback business is profitable and in demand,Moreover the cashback sites has low competition and greater profits .This industry is worth a millions of dollars so why not start your own cashback site by spending as little as 100$(₹7000 approx).Befor e it’s too late.

Is running a cashback site profitable?

The simple answer is yes the cashback business is profitable now, then and after many years too it will be a profitable business.Also you will make money on autopiolet mode so it's just a single time investment and lifetime benefits for the cashback site owner.Few examples of cashback site are and they are well know in this industry are making thousands and millions of dollars regularly, All they have to do is just regularly add new products and shops for cashback, maintain and develop the site. 

How much does it costs to make a cashback site ?

To make a basic cashback site that is responsive and running it may cost you around 150$-200$ (to make yourself) As already said it's just a one time investment that will return you multiple time the amount constantly.So don't ever hesitate to start something that you are really interested in and won't get bored doing the thing.And when it comes to cashback site there are already huge live examples that are making thousands of dollars .

What all I will need to make a cashback site

  • A domain name
  • Hosting (Vps or cloud hosting , shared hosting is not at all recommended)
  • Rehub theme (WordPress)
  • Cashback tracker pro plugin (WordPress)
  • My cred plugin( free plugin)
  • Buddy press(free plugin).

Buying a domain name for your cashback site

That might be a little tricky and interesting but it's all fun while doing , So domain name could be a make or break for your upcoming site, Be careful will choosing a right domain name. Your domain name must reflect that your site provides cashback and the domain must be easily remembered by the user, buy Top level domain like (.com, .net, .org)

buying a domain extension that looks cheap will never attract the users and breaks the trust between the site and users.if you are targeting the users of India .in or .com could be my first suggestions.Your domain must be all unique, You must research your competitors and buy a domain that is cool.

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Get a free Top level domain When you buy Bluehost WordPress or vps hosting

Which hosting is perfect for my site

When talking about cashback site you should have a very good high capability hosting such as Bluehost WordPress hosting as you are planning for the site to be successful, And for cashback site you will receive thousands and millions of visitors and members so plan for the future and don't settle on cheap low cost shared hosting as it might not handle the amount of traffic and bandwidth and might bring some serious problem , Also site speed is a lot important this days and if you don't want to lose your visitors my suggestion is just go with Bluehosts WordPress hosting

But as your just starting you can go with Bluehost WordPress hosting as it’s high speed and perfect for the beginners also their support team is very good.Moreover it is recommended by so if you want to start with a good hosting just go with Bluehost.

Blue host is the best hosting provider that brings a high speed website with a lot of benefits and moreover it's cost efficient.

Is WordPress Ideal for running a cashback site

Yes WordPress is a powerful cms that is more compatible and featured rich than any other cms.So WordPress is the best option for beginners and intermediates.As WordPress is an open source cms(content management system) the thousands of plugins and themes makes our lives easier and extend the functionality of the site in a matter of there's no better option than WordPress to start a cashback store/site or any other site when you have no or a little coding experience.

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WordPress is it best for making cashback site
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Before me move further a important thing is never use Nulled or paid free themes and plugins on your cashback site as you will be maintaining users information database with bank account to PayPal address using billed themes and plugins makes your site vulnerable to attacks so any problem or leak in information will get you behind the bars and penl

Now let's Get to the most important topics of this article.

Rehub theme

Your question will be like why only rehub theme? 

Rehub theme is the popular theme which has all the functions that will be required for making a cashback site , also rehub theme is perfect for making price comparison site, deals & coupon site, online shopping site and most important is our cashback site.As we are using the cashback tracker pro plugin for tracking and giving the cashback to the users Rehub is the only and most compatible theme to work with , Also it's a feature rich theme with more functionality and good integration with adsense too. 

How to make a cashback site with rehub theme
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Follow these steps 

  • Purchase the theme from Themeforest by from the button below
  • Install and activate the theme zip file
  • Install all necessary plugins and activate them
  • Import a demo site (recash or reveal is ideal for making a cashback site)
  • Change the appearance from the Theme options
  • Style your site as you wish 

Now you have installed theme and your site is already looking awesome, Give extra time for styling your site as good looking site get more audience retention as compared to scammy looking sites.

Now let's move further and see how to bring your cashback site to life

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Cashback system using wp plugin

Cashback tracker pro is a fully functional, powerful and accurate plugin , We are going to use this plugin to track the cashback and provide the cashback when it's validated by the advertiser and marked as approved, It's a fully automatic plugin that is self sufficient to track and award cashback on your site without having to do any hard work .

Cashback tracker pro plugin
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  • The plugin will track the order
  • Automatically add sub id to all the cashback shops 
  • Make cashback to pending list
  • When the advertisers pay you it automatically pays some percentage of your cashback to your visitors you can set the percentage of cashback 
  • Works with Admitad and awin affiliate network
  • And more features

It is a paid plugin so you need to install it from the code canyon you can buy using our link so that we get some money without affecting your price.

After purchasing the plugin you need to install and activate it and connect it with the affiliate marketplace through which you have planned to get and give cashback , Cashback tracker plugin works with two major affiliate networks or admitad and awin both are awesome you can connect with both the networks to get even more offers for your users and giving them a wider chance to get cashback on more online shops.

Once you have connected the plugin to the affiliate networks by filling the required information, it's time for you to apply for the offers/shops on the marketplace for your cashback site.You can apply for as many advertisers as you wish.After applying for cashback approval advertisers may take few days maybe 1-5 days to approve or decline your request till the time you can add points management and profile / registration system on your site that you can refer from the next topic of this post.

Points Management Plugin(Mycred)

How to create a WordPress cashback site with mycred plugin
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MyCred is a free points, Rank, badges, reward management plugin for WordPress users and cashback tracker plugin has a deep integration with this plugin so it makes our life easier, After installing and activating mycred plugin Go to WordPress dashboard navigate to cashback tracker plugin setting and turn on the my red integration of the plugin as shown in the below image.

How to setup cashback tracker plugin with mycred points plugin
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After changing the setting just save it and refresh the page and you will be able to see 3 points type added in the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard

Named as 1)approved 2)pending 3)declined cashback 

These are the points type that the cashback tracker plugin uses to show the users about the cashback they have earned 

As soon as the user orders something from the cashback store rewards or points type are added as pending cashback and when the advertiser pays out the cashback amount the cashback is marked as approved however if the advertiser declines the cashback moves to declined list .Its a fully automatic process all you have to do is manage the cashback store and payout the cashback to the users when they complete the minimum payout amount.

Creating pages for cashback stores

Setting up cashback tracker pro plugin cashback stores
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Note: add all the advertisers in the cashback tracker plugin with perfect or flat rate of cashback or you can set a default that will be used in all the cashback offers. And then make shop pages to avoid problems

Now let's assume a lot of advertisers you applied for approved your request and now it's time for you to make pages for the cashback stores , You don't need to manually create all the pages everything you have to do is just navigate to cashback tracker plugin>advertisers
On this page when you refresh you will see a list of all the advertisers that have approved you, Just tap on refresh all advertisers and then click on create all pages as shown in the above image this is fetch all advertiser from the connected network(s) and create the cashback shop page with all information as given in the below image.

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Cashback shop in cash back tracker pro plugin example shop
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This is how we made a cashback site basic ,now there are many further important steps to follow so that your site becomes fully functional like any other cashback store.

Managing users profile and registrations

For this purpose we are going to use a free WordPress plugin that is very simple to use and also has good integration with our rehub theme,( Buddy press) is the plugin you need to install and activate on your site to manage users and registration .

  • Firstly go to WordPress setting and set the option as ”anyone can register” 
  • Go to buddy press and deactivate all the module except the core module
  • Navigate to theme option and configure buddy press settings
  • Also turn on the show points on profile to on
  • Change the registration and login URL to buddypress registration and login URLs from the theme options
  • You can show wallet on your site header as you can see in the above image by reading the rehub documentation 
  • Once everything is done save the settings.
  • You can also show users their points or reward earned by making a wallet or cashback page as I have made this you can get a reference from the image below

Wallet example with mycred plugin
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Showing the list of cashback stores on a page

So let's image you have created hundreds of cashback stores on your site but how the users can navigate to their desired stores for that you need to show all the available shops on a page maybe a home page or all shops page.

To create one just add new page and paste the shortcode given below to your page

[cashback-shops type=grid]

This shortcode displays a list of your cash back stores in a grid format as seen in the below image

Cashback shop display in grid
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Showing cashback shops list in a alphabetical order

It's simple just you have to add the short code given below to your page and you can see all your shop list sorted in a alphabetical order.

[cashback-shops type=alphabet]

Will cashback tracker plugin track cashback ?

Yes the cash back tracker plugin will automatic track all your cash backs  and will put it in your customers wallet .so you don’t need to manually do it all the times and saves your time and makes your life easier.But be carefull while adding cashback stores/shops and mention the accurate cashback the customer will get or else it can be a serious tension for you .

Final word

making anything is not difficult now a days as everything can be done through the pre made templates,plugins,themes .so what are you waiting for just grab your device and start making your own cashback site,Every important thing is mentioned above if you have any doubt ,query or suggestion feel free to comment or contact I will be happy to help you.

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