How to delete existing adsense Account

How to fix duplicate adsense account problem
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Have you too received a email from Adsense informing you that you already have an existing Adsense account .

This issue arises when you have an existing Adsense account . Google allows only one Adsense account for an individual.So if you dont know how to delete your existing or present Adsense account it can cause you a big heache and you get like stucked.Most of the small bloggers are dependent on Adsense as their main revenue source.

Are you finding for a permanent fix on such duplicate Adsense account issues then you are on the right page.

How Adsense detects Duplicate account?

As we all know that Google is a lot more smarter than us. It detects duplicate account through AI(artificial intelligence). However the factors determining the duplicate accounts may not be clearly stated .since google uses a lot of tools and methods.It may cause in case firstly you have applied through and then you used an another account to request approval for the same site.Sometimes this may also occur due to the multiple Gmail account you use on the same device.

How to fix Adsense duplicate account issue

This method should only be used when you remember the login and password of both the accounts that conflicts when requesting the Adsense approval.If you don’t remember the password use the login trouble shooter or contact their help centre.

How to delete existing Adsense account step 1
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Firstly Go to your Adsense account where you will see a issue message like the above image.

  • Tap on your profile 
  • The option window will appear
  • Go to my account 
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Perform all the steps carefully these may cause you a later problem if you do something wrong.

When clicked you will be taken to the page simailar to the below image.

Cancel Adsense account existing easy
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On this page you can see a Payments and subscription option just tap on it .This step is to delete your payments account with which your Adsense account is also linked This process is permanent,However it won’t delete your Gmail account or services linked with it.If one wish to use the payments account for something else can again create one .

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Here you can see my Adsense account linked to this account which Iam going to delete .As it’s a duplicate to another account of mine.

Here you need to move to the settings page as shown in the above image.Here my Adsense account is disclosed as it’s of no use for me also it has been deleted while this tutorial was being made.

After landing on the setting page in the my payment and setting section.

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And the last step is to hardly tap on the “close payment profile” then gooogle services will ask you for a conformation pop up twice just go further and complete the deletion of Googles payment profile.This is where your Adsense account which is linked with the payments profile will be deleted .

Very soon within a minute or two you will receive and email from google informing you that your Adsense account has been deleted.
Mostly similar to the below image 

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After this email arrives your inbox all your Adsense duplicate account issue is trashed and now you can Apply for Adsense without any worries the duplicate account issue will not arise.
You are likely to receive the duplicate Adsense issue when your site is linked to two or three Adsense accounts.

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If you have three accounts follow all the steps shown above with any of the two accounts and only use one Adsense at a time.

I don’t remember the email login credentials?
is this your problem then you can use login trouble shooter which is available inside the Adsense page where you will see your sites.Orelse you can choose to Adsense support team which can help you login in and recover to your old account.

How to fix duplicate adsense account problem
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