How to setup Adsense Autoads on WordPress Site

How to setup Adsense auto ads on WordPress site easy
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It’s very important for any website owner or bloggers to setup their Adsense ads in such a way that they receive the maximum revenue without violating Adsense policy that may lead to a temporary or a permanent ban.

To help publishers easily setup Adsense ads .Google recently introduced AutoAds through which publishers can easily setup ads by just placing a single peice of code on their website.

Who should use AutoAds ?

The initiative AutoAds was introduced to help publishers setup ads without any heache .No messing up with code and No paid ads plugin to manage ads.Just place the code and mange ad placement,number of ads and types of ads from Adsense dashboard itself.

However It’s suggested to place the ads manually to receive higher cpc and CTR (click through rate).
Autoads is highly recommended for absolute beginners who don’t know how to work with code or doesnot have some great ads management plugins to make their work ease.

Does AutoAds Leads to higher Cpc an d more clicks

The answer may be yes for some and a big no for others as Auto ads tries to place the ads where your site users are most likely to click and interact.However it’s not the matter of discussion for this post.You can Try using both AutoAds and manually placed ads and see the results.

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How to Setup Adsense AutoAds

How to setup Adsense auto ads by
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First of all You will need a approved Adsense account to show the autoads on your website.Once you have an approved Adsense account login to your account and go to the ads page where you can see a similar Get code link when clicked upon shows you the code.Just copy the code and paste it with the <head></head>.You find the place where you need to place the code navigate to your WordPress > Appearance >Theme editor > Header.php .

Place the code after the <head> tag and before the </head> tag and done.If you have already set the ads it will start to shown with a few minutes or hours as informed by Adsense.
If you have not yet set the auto ads placements ,number of ads,types of ads.You can do it from the Adsense > Ads > edit icon beside your domain name.

Auto ads settings page
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This page consists of all the settings you can make to your autoads.You can set the number of ads that will be shown on your site.

Turn on the toggle that switch’s on the autoads and also allow the google Adsense to optimise your existing ads units.

Below the Autoads toggle button you can see the “Ads format” Here you can decide whether the ad type should be shown on your website or not.It consists of Inpage ads ,Anchor ads,vignette ads,wide screen ads and matched content ads.However matched content is still available only for the selected sites .

If you see the matched content option in the sites in Adsense you are eligible orelse not.

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Ad load in AutoAds

Ad load by the term means the load or the number of ads that the Adsense will be showing on a page.The minimum 1 ad per page and a maximum of 8 ads per page .(Don’t place excessive advertisement as it may lead to higher bounce rate and a larger page load time.)

Delete Advertisement In Autoads

Heard it right as google decide the number of ads that will be shown on a page by the so called artificial intelligence.

As the ad placement are not fixed by you .So they have given you an option whether to keep the ad or delete it.By deleting the advertisement it may not show in the page and other similar pages.

To delete the advertisement just select the ad and click the trash icon on the auto ads example.

Page Exclusion

This may be a gift to the users who think a part or some pages on their site may be violating the Adsense privacy and terms.That may lead to a permanent banned of your Adsense account and never the site can be used to show Adsense ads ,To avoid such issue it’s better to inform google that you should not show ads on this pages.Example about us ,privacy policy and terms of condition page.

Once done You need to save the settings to do that simply tap on Apply to site .

You are not required to paste any autoads code again onto your site the ad code automatically gets updated and your changes will appear within a few minutes or hours.

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However Autoads is not the best option to increase your Adsense it’s just a way to avoid some extra stress that normally a one time process.I suggest you to use the best available Ads plugin it’s proven that they increase your ads revenue by placing the ads at the best place.Autoads doesnot have an option to show the in feed,in article and more types of ads.

How to setup Adsense auto ads on Wordpress site easy
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