How to setup Adsense Display Ads manually without Plugin

Manually place google Adsense ads without plugin in adsense
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Sometimes Auto Ads doesnot work great and can lead to loss of Adsense ad revenue.For the big publishers who receives a lot of traffic it’s always recommended to place the ads manually and keep experimenting and optimising to ensure a highest possible increase in revenue.

If you are a absolute beginner then this guide on How to manually place Adsense display ads without plugin is helpful for you.

If your willing to show display ads on your website placing ads manually or using a WordPress plugin are the only best options .

We will take a look at 

Why you should place ads manually 
Placing ads in sidebar
Placing ads in between posts

Why You should place Ads manually

If you are a kind of lazy person then placing ads manually and working with code is not the best option .But to increase your Adsense revenue it’s essential to keep experimenting and optimising the ads.This process can increase your Ad revenue upto 200% .Most of the beginners place the ads once and forget about it but you are losing a good amount of your own revenue.Experimenting the most clicked ads places ,Best placements,ads sizes matters a lot when you have decided to make a lots of money with Adsense.
Moreover,Placing the ads manually gives you a freedom to display ads wherever you feel it’s the best placement .

A few months before I used Autoads that was kind of easy for me to use .But  I felt to experiment and I started placing ads manually which boosted my revenue multiple times that I used to make with Autoads.It’s not necessary that Autoads doesnot work cool with all publishers but it’s true that it doesnot worked for me.

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Placing Ads in Sidebar manually

Adsense display ad code example
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First of all you need a Adsense display Ad code ,Just copy the ad code and move to your WordPress dashboard >Appearance >Widget.Widget is the area where you can drag and drop widgets that will be shown on your site frontend.

Widget area and custom html Adsense ad
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In the Widget area select the custom HTML widget and drag it in your sidebar widgets area drop it .Name the title mostly : Advertisement,Ad,sponsor ad .

And paste the copied Adsense ad code in the HTML area and just save it.

Adsense display ad In sidebar
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Save and visit your site frontend .You will probably be able to see a advertisement on your sidebar.If not wait for a few minutes and retry,Also check whether the ad code is placed in the right widget section and is active.Clear cache and retry.

Placing Ad in between paragraph manually

Adsense manually place ad in between post and in between paragraph
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Crete a post or edit the existing post in the block ditor.Create a new HTML block wherever you want the ad to be placed.Paste the copied ad code and save it .You can show the ads befor,after x paragraph .Before,after an image or wherever you need to place the ad.

Once all the ad code are pasted just save it and visit the post where you have placed your ad.

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You can see how the ad will be placed in the preview mode.I have placed the responsive ad code so that it fits all screen and there’s no need to place different ads code for different devices.

Manually place google Adsense ads without plugin in adsense
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