Inline related posts WordPress plugin review

Show inline related posts in WordPress plugin
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Today almost all the successful and popular blogs have a common thing that is all of them show related posts on their blog posts.There are numerous plugins that display related posts at the end of the posts.Some plugins may use a lot of resource .

News site have a very low bounce rate as they display a lot of related post whether it may be in between the articles, in the sidebars or at the bottom of the post.

However by just displaying the related posts at the end of the article where a big percentage of your readers may exit before reaching there , may lead to higher bounce rate and potentially decreases your revenue.So there a simple and a totally free way to overcome this problem.

Inline Related posts(freenium plugin)

Inline related posts is a really good Automatic plugin to showcase your posts in between the blog posts.This plugin doesnot slow down your site which is a very good benefit for the site owners.moreover this plugin doesnot break your paragraphs and shows the related article wherver it find the best place This plugin comes with a free and a yearly paid plan.

How the plugin displays the Related Posts?

This plugin uses a very good technique to display the related posts where in between the paragraphs break,this improves users experience and reduces the bounce rate and increases your seo score as its interlinking your site.This plugin is totally automatic once you install and setup then its plugin that does all work for you.The installation proces  is simple and setup of the plugin takes only a few minutes

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Installing the Inline Related post Plugin in Woespress

inline related post splugin wordpress
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Installing the plugin in wordpress is simple as any other plugin.Download the plugin from the or directly from add new plugin section in your dashboard.activate the plugin 

Here is the link of inline related post plugin .

Setup for the Inline Related posts plugin

To be able to enjoy all the feature and themes of it, one must upgrade to the paid plan.which is worth the price if you have a huge number of articles . 

setup of this plugin is begineer friendly.firstly go to settings>inline related posts.Just choose the desired colour of the box.set the gap between the boxes that will determine the closeness of the boxes on the post.choose the Theme that most suits your blog layout.

Some important settings set the link rel attribute to “dofollow” and link target attribute to “self”.

Yoast seo related posts vs Inline realted posts

If you are using the Yoast seo premium plugin you may be familiar with the interlinkng option that allows the premium plugin users to interlink between the suggested posts or pages in a single click.

However the yoast interlinking is awesome but the design is classic . interlinking the posts is highly recommended and improves your seo score.

inline realted posts is customizable and displays the related posts with some gap in between .Unlike yoast interlinking ,inline related posts doenot really interlinks between posts they only show the link in boxes that are setup by the plugin and not editable .

so when comparing both this plugin we found that both the plugins are awesome and useful in their own way.

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Show inline related posts in WordPress plugin
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