Introduction to Blogging, Should I start a blog?

What is a blog should I start one infographics
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So what is a blog?

Blog is a website that gives the information and adds value to the readers , Blogs are regularly updated content present on the internet and are publically available .A blog is also called a  ”Weblog ” Blog can be made on a Broad niche like ” Digital marketing ”and also micro niche like ”Adsense”.You Can get a detailed information about How to choose a niche in the next chapter.

Who is a Blogger?

A blogger is a person who owns a blog and publish content regularly on the internet .A person who has a great ability to engage with their readers and make profit through it.

Is Blogging Still profitable?

This question arises frequently , Is blogging still profitable? And for this question my answer is Blogging is popular and still profitable and will be for the next few decades too. So why not get into and start blogging , This stream is mostly used as a second source of income but a few bloggers are making thousand of Dollars through blogging.

Who can Start a Blog?

Do you have detailed knowledge of something , Or if you have any special skill that are unique and if you can write in such a way that you can engage your readers so you must think about starting a blog.Bloggers should have a passion to help and engage with readers .If you are thinking to start a blog only to earn fast money then think a while this may be time consuming you have to spend a considerable amount of time to research, Write and promote your blog. As your blogs gets significant number of readers then you can make good amount of money from your blog.If you want to make fast money online then blogging will not work for you it's better to drop the plan or start some other online business.

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Blog vs website

This is a good question but theirs a simple answer for this ,

Every Blog is a website but every website is not a blog

A website can be online tool, forum or something else, so clearly they are not a Blog as they don't regularly publish informational posts , But all the blogs are website and nowadays all the Succesful website have their own Blogs.

Blog post vs page

Pages on your site are most important and have a higher priority than blogpost in search engine.The most important pages of a site are Homepage, privacy policy page, terms page and other important pages.So it's clear that we use pages in a website for important content and not to write blogs and give informative content to users.So to write content blog posts are used rather than pages.

Benefits of Blogging

Their are a lot of benefits of blogging but we will discuss a few here .The first benefits is that a Blogger is his/her own Boss and can work whenever and however they wish .Whatelse can be a bigger benefit of being something other than being your own boss and no tension of workload and 9 to 5 jobs.Another big benefit is the earning potential of blogging a skilled blogger can earn anywhere between $1000-$200000 per month their no limit on how much a blogger can earn it depends on the monitization potential of the niche the blogger choose.But never start a blog only to earn money this can give you no return unless you have something unique whether it may be your writing style or the knowledge you will share

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If you have qualities one or more qualities that a blogger must have then you should start a blog whether it be a personal blog to write your personal experience or a informational blogs that guides and inform the readers.

What is a blog should I start one infographics
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